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Samsung S8 Plus Charging Port

We know, you love everything about your Samsung S8 plus  and don't want to live without it. Until you experience trouble with the charging port and you can't charge, hook up to your computer, or use your headphones. You have watched all the help videos for cleaning up your charging port but it still doesn't work. Don't be disappointed! Bring your Samsung S8 plus to us, our experts will make your Samsung S8 plus charging again in a snap.

Our repair process is designed to be quick and easy for our customers. Our technicians like to start every repair with a free diagnostic exam that will reveal which Samsung S8 plus repair service will be best for the issue. Diagnostics are always free of charge and are there is no pressure to move forward with an Samsung S8 plus charging port repair. If you are happy with the Samsung S8 plus repair plan then we can begin right away.

We will provide you six months warranty that will protect your parts and our low price yet high-quality guarantee ensures that you are getting the lowest possible price for your Samsung S8 plus charging port replacement.

How long is the service: 1-2 hrs

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