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Samsung S6 Edge Screen Replacement

The Galaxy S6 Edge from Samsung dropped on April 10, 2015, boasting a metal unibody frame, an improved camera, a better user interface, wireless charging, and support for NFC payments. Due to the impressive new technology rolled out to the Galaxy's most cherished features, the new S6 Edge has been an enormous hit with users. Despite it's amazing new technology, the device can break all too easily. That's why Phoenix Cell Repair of professional techs specialize in performing Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge repairs.

Drawing from its spiritual predecessor, the Galaxy Note Edge, the S6 Edge features a curved screen that tapers along the left and right sides of the device, which, upon release, was considered one of the best displays available on any smartphone. The Edge screen allows users to quickly receive notifications for email, texts, missed calls, and other apps, and swiftly communicate with friends and family through contact shortcuts.

Despite a wide range of technical advancements over its predecessors, the S6 Edge is not an indestructible device - indeed, it's subject to all the challenges of wear and tear that any hardware would be – that is just a fact of life. Perhaps you’ve accidentally dropped your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge on the ground and shattered the screen? You could drop it off at a repair shop and wait a few days for it the fixed, while disconnected from your network and daily duties? Not a chance. Phoenix's profession technicians will perform a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge repair or Samsung S6 screen replacement and we'll fix your S6 Edge.