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iPhone 6S Plus Screen Replacement


Let’s face it, [1-2 Hrs & Same Day]

The iPhone 6s Plus brought innovation on every level with 3D touch for an easier flow between your apps and improved camera features. Your iPhone 6s Plus has been a reliable gadget that you can’t imagine living without. And, you don’t have to live without your device while you get an iPhone 6s Plus screen replacement. A cracked screen is a hassle and a huge inconvenience, Phoenix Cell understands this and provides a professional iPhone 6s Plus screen replacement in a quick turnaround. We were founded because of a broken iPhone and still consider this our mission.

iPhone 6s Plus screen replacements are one of the most common repairs we do. You’re not the first owner to accidentally mishandled your iPhone 6s Plus. But the expert technicians at Phoenix Cell can solve any problem you bring us. Our repair process is designed to be quick and easy for our customers. Our technicians like to start every repair with a free diagnostic exam that will reveal which iPhone 6s Plus repair service will be best for the issue. Diagnostics are always free of charge and are there is no pressure to move forward with an iPhone 6s Plus screen repair. If you are happy with the iPhone 6s Plus repair plan then we can begin right away.

So, what to do?

Now, what if I tell you that at Phoenix Cell , you can get the same best quality of services on the lower side of the price & much more. Let’s check out why Phoenix Cell is one of the best Mobile repair shop in Canada

  • Experienced staff - We have highly skilled & certified technicians to offer the best quality repair for your mobile devices. 
  • All smartphone repair - We have in-house technicians offering repair services for all the major brands in Canada like iPhone, Samsung, LG, Motorolla, HTC, Lenovo, Google, Sony & more. 
  • Same day repair - We offer the same day in store-repair service for most smartphone issues, such as screen repair,  battery replacement, and charge port replacement.
  • 6 Months warranty - We provide a 6 Months days warranty on the parts we install on your devices.  

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