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Iphone Se Screen Replacement

Introduced on March 31, 2016, the iPhone SE was positioned as a successor to the iPhone 5S with the upgraded hardware found in the iPhone 6S. While the SE kept the 5S's 4-inch screen and overall design, it's also packing the upgraded processor, rear camera, always-on Siri, Apple Pay, Live Photos, and tons of other features found in the 6S.

Because the iPhone SE's dimensions exactly match those of its predecessors, the iPhone 5 and 5S, all cases designed for those phones are able to fit it. At the time, this was additional good news to SE buyers. The first being the SE's form factor given the popularity of the 4-inch iPhone.

Despite the iPhone SE's existence as a tech marvel, it's very possible you were a bit careless with yours. Maybe you dropped on the pavement stepping out of your car one day, or maybe it took a fall down some stairs. Or maybe not, maybe you were absolutely, 100-percent careful with yours and it just stopped working all on its own. No worries! Phoenix's team of techs specialize in iPhone SE repairs and iPhone SE screen repairs.