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Iphone 6 Plus Screen Replacement

The iPhone 6 Plus was introduced in September 2014, boasting a large display, upgraded cameras, and NFC support. The 6 Plus was the first iPhone model to utilize a 5.5-inch screen, allowing Apple to enter the so-called "phablet" market, which had long been dominated by competitor Samsung with its Galaxy Note series.

In addition to the 6 Plus's redesigned exterior and display size, the phone and the iPhone 6 also introduced Apple Pay, the company's signature mobile payments system. The 6 series's improved rear-facing camera allowed the ability to shoot footage at 1080p at 30 and 60 frames per second. However, the greatest difference camera-wise between the 6 and the 6 Plus is the presence of optical image stabilization in the latter.

Given how essential your iPhone is to your daily life, by taking every precaution towards protecting it, buying a heavy-duty case, applying a screen protector, you may have found that, sometimes, accidents just sort of... happen. Perhaps it was a tumble down the stairs that did it. Or maybe your phone ceased to work, without so much of a prior hiccup. Whatever the reason, your iPhone 6 Plus is not working and it needs to be repaired as quickly as possible.

Phoenix to the rescue! We specialize in iPhone 6 Plus repairs and iPhone 6 Plus screen replacements.